This page intentially rawr looking. It's called Brutilism

Developer / Designosaur



Happy Numbers
jQuery: WIP: I'm going to recreate Happy Numbers in Javascript! GitHub


Bear Clicker
Angular JS: A simple skinner box style idle game developed to gain experience with AngularJS. GitHub

Bassist: My old tribute band, the Shit-Hot Chili Peppers played all the popular Chili Pepper tunes. We have had several gigs in the Manchester area.

Risk Technology
Web Developer: Developed and maintened software as part of an agile team using GIT. Front-end development including MVC frameworks such as Knockout.


Cartwright Group
Web Developer: Develop and maintained internal web based applications to enable business growth.

Marks Van
Bootstrap 3.0: Mark needed a new website, one that was responsive and appealing to the younger audience. The Bootstrap 3 based site renders across a wide range of devices, and is fully responsive.


Video Photography
Wordpress: Azian Wedding Planner wanted a rebrand. I used a premium wordpress theme and customised it to meet their needs.
Bolton Van Man
A web site for a local delivery company.


Happy Numbers
A custom app to work out if a number is happy or not. Easy to use, and with a handy embedded explanation!
A C# based video game, based on counting up and down. Coded using XNA, the physics simulation (blocks remain connected was based on a recursive function. Gravity was coded in with accurate acceleration.
7 Wonders Scorer
An based form with mobile web optimisation.
Wedding Planner
A custom theme for ZenPhoto for a local wedding company.


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